The Afribiz Foundation was established in 2012 to address issues of economic development in Africa and in the African Diaspora. We have found inclusive economic development to be a broad, global issue so in 2017 the Foundation shifted the mandate for inclusive economic development to its sister organization, Globalstratos Foundation. Globalstratos Foundation, and its for-profit counterpart, Globalstratos, will focus on designing, developing, and implementing inclusive economic systems wherever there is a need.

Our overall strategic focus, “Plugging People into the Power to Prosper,” remains the same but now the Foundation looks to assist indigenous nations, African in particular, to protect and prosper their ancestral lands and inheritance. In the last 15 or so years, there has been significant progress in indigenous rights but there still remains a huge gap in economic implementation.

Advocacy without the capacity for indigenous nations to develop their own resources leaves them as marginal groups that can largely be exploited or overlooked. We believe if indigenous nations are able to partner to develop their own resources it will empower them to drive their own present and future.

Our “PROSPER” Core Values

P – People and Purpose First

R – Respect

O – Openness and Opportunity-Driven

S – Synergy and Synchronicity

P – Passion and Creativity

E – Excellence and Ethical Conduct

R – Relationship-Driven Impact and Results

Learn about our Founder, Lauri Elliott.