Charlotte, USA, March 2, 2018

In 2017, The Afribiz Foundation (TAF) initiated its Indigenous Nation Development Partnership (INDP) program. Today, Afribiz announces its first indigenous nation development trust – Tubu Development Trust. The Tubu people are a Black African first nation whose homelands span Chad, Libya, and Niger.

“It’s increasingly important for indigenous nations to develop their own resources, so that their rights, identity, and inheritance are not removed from them. In Africa, these nations sit on a lot of the untapped wealth in the Continent in water, land, and minerals, and yet many of these nations remain in poverty or marginalized,” says Lauri Elliott, The Executive Director of The Afribiz Foundation.

In the case of the Tubu, they were systematically marginalized under Khaddafi’s regime. The oil and water from their homeland in Libya continue to supply North Libya and even European markets without the Tubu benefitting. Even attempts at peaceful dialogue and agreements have fallen short. As more discoveries of resources in their homelands are made public, further encroachment increases in Chad as well.

“The Tubu Development Trust is a direct intervention on behalf of the Tubu to partner with them to preserve their identity, culture, way of life, land and resources in such a way as to become prosperous and enabling them to make their own mark on the world,” stresses Elliott, “the Trust will provide technical assistance, funding, and other support as needed for the purposes of economic and social development.”

If Africa is to develop sustainably, it cannot do so without the stewards of its resources for hundreds of centuries – Africa’s indigenous nations. To learn more, visit